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stay home to save lives

stay home to save lives

stay home to save livesstay home to save lives

COVID-19: Information for patients

Pacific Gastroenterology Associates is continuing to accept new referrals.

The staff at Pacific Gastroenterology are working from home when possible and will be using telephone and videoconferencing to "see" patients. 

The phones are being answered and messages will be heard and calls returned.

Non - emergent and non-urgent endoscopic procedures are currently on hold but this will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

You will have heard the directive from our Provincial Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, to self-isolate and practice social distancing. 

The time to act is now. Our province is in a state of emergency. What we do today will impact the health of British Columbians in the weeks to come.

Stay home unless absolutely necessary. No dinner parties. No playdates. No shopping. No sports, not even outside. Instead, have coffee with a friend online.

Keep six feet or two metres away from everyone at all times. That’s about the width of a car or two length of two arms stretched out. Call your loved ones and tell them to do the same.  

Remind young people in your life that they can get sick from this virus. More importantly, they can be carriers and cause a lot of harm to parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. 

We can do this, but we can’t wait one more hour or one more day. Let’s save lives, together.

Thank you for doing your part to protect everyone's health.

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