Our Clinic

Pacific Gastroenterology Associates was established in 2004 with a mission to provide quality care to patients. Our Clinic has grown steadily since 2004,  servicing patients, with referrals from GPs and other specialists, primarily in the Vancouver area. 

Our team is comprised of 10 gastroenterologists, supported by a highly skilled team of medical office assistants (MOAs), and a Central Fax Intake Clerk who support the coordination of patient referrals across the continuum of care from referral to procedure and follow up to our patients. Our team of gastroenterologists are experts in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterology and colorectal surgery. 

Our clinic is centrally located in downtown Vancouver where patients are primarily seen for consultation, including certain some procedures. The clinic is also affiliated with St Paul’s Hospital, where most surgical procedures are completed.

Our Mission


  • Working together to support pooled referral, to reduce wait times, and provide the right level of care at the right time for our patients.


  • Provide leadership, innovation in research and excellence and support advancement in skills, knowledge, research in gastroenterology.

Comprehensive Care

  • Services which support a range of GI related problems, including digestion, liver disease, pancreatic disease, and gallbladder disease. 

Quality & Service Excellence

  • Quality driven to continuously strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of their professional duties, service, performance and promoting lifelong learning.

Our Values


  • We provide expert, quality care, holding ourselves to the highest standard of excellence in patient care. 


  • We are leaders in Gastroenterology.  We want to foster better care and improve the lives of our patients.  
  • Our quest is the continual pursuit of advancing our skills, increasing our knowledge and innovation in GI care.

Research & Continuing Education

  • We value continuing research and lifelong learning including coaching, mentoring and  disseminating knowledge to improve patient quality of life and reduce the burden of disease on the healthcare system.
  • Fostering leadership and best practices in patient care, research, teaching and continuing professional development in the field of gastroenterology.