Research & Education





The Gastroenterology Institute of Research Institute (GIRI) is closedly affiliated with Pacific Gastroenterology Associates. The primary purpose of GIRI is to support clinical research and advance education in gastrointestinal disease.  The GI team is actively involved in research through GIRI.

For more information on the Research Institute, please contact:

Maria Ancheta-Schmit, RN, BSN

Clinical Research Manager

GI Research Institute

770 - 1190 Hornby St.

Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2K5

Tel:  604-688-6332 ext. 235

Fax:  604-689-1044





 The GI Team  is involved in continuing medical education, including undergraduate teaching and post-graduate teaching of Internal Medicine residents, with 24-30 residents rotating through the service on a yearly basis and five gastrointestinal fellows. 

  • Dr. Eric Lam is the UBC Adult Gastroenterology Program Director
  • Dr. Hin Hin Ko is a member of the UBC Gastroenterology Competence Committee
  • Dr. Alnoor Ramji is the chair of the annual St. Paul’s postgraduate course for family physicians.
  • Dr. Brian Bressler, Dr. Greg Rosenfeld and Dr. Yvette Leung is involved in UBC Advanced Inflammatory Bowel Disease Training Program
  • Dr. Robert Enns, Dr. Jennifer Telford, Dr. Jack Amar and Dr. Eric Lam are involved in the UBC Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship Training Program.